Taking Back the Net
Taking the Fight to Your Stalker

The idea of fighting back against harassment and threats can be daunting. But there is also a host of resources that you can use in that fight that most people don’t even know about.

Working to Halt Online Abuse has a good roundup of resources if you’re facing threats on your life, persistent sexual harassment, or other forms of “cyberstalking.” Having never used any of these services, I can’t recommend them personally. But they should give you a good sense of what’s out there and what else you might be able to find.

Here’s what the site includes:

-Lawyers who specialize in online harassment as well as the laws they use. 

-Resources to track down harassers, including online forensics experts and private investigators who specialize in online tracking. 

-Essays and Articles about “cyberstalking

Finally, I’m going to temper this with a bit of pessimism: if you’re really willing to take it to these guys, be prepared to fail and to spend a lot of time. Getting the cops to deal with anything less than a direct and traceable threat on your life is difficult.